Wakka Taylor

Wakka was born in the far Kayili (north) of the Martu homelands near the Percival Lakes area. The place where he was born is called Kuljali and is next to an area called Kulyakartu. Kulyakartu is a very important area to the artist and his family. They would travel there during the Pujiman (bush) days in the wet season. It is predominately grass planes and would be very good hunting. During the dry time they would travel Yurlparirra (south) around the Percival lakes area, travelling to all the lakes, sand dunes and waterholes all over the desert.

Wakka's brother is fellow painter Muuki Taylor and both men are very important senior Martu men. His wife Nancy Taylor is also a very well-known and respected painter. Wakka is also a Senior Ranger with the Parnngurr Men's Ranger team. 

Photograph courtesy and copyright Tobias Titz.

Photo of Wakka Taylor

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