Noreena Kadibil

"My country is Kajarra between wells 6 and 9 on the Canning Stock Route. This is my dad's country and my grandfather's and grandmother's country. I only paint my grandfather's and grandmother's country, that's our traditional lands. Jigalong belongs to the mob. I have other country but there's other people mixed up in it. Mum was born in Savoury Creek. My grandmother used to live in Jigalong before Old Jigalong got started. I paint pictures of my country to keep it safe and to show my kids how to look after it."

"I grew up in Wiluna and on Lake Violet Station. We moved to Jigalong in 1969 after my father passed away. I moved to Parnngurr with five children in 1984 (Murphy was the youngest), there was too much humbug in town, it's a quieter place out here."

Noreena was taught by her parents and grandparents about her traditional lands and how to survive in the bush. She has passed on this knowledge to her kids and grandkids as well as teaching them how to paint.

Her mother Daisy had been taken from her family as a child and placed in the Moore River settlement. The film Rabbit Proof Fence tells Daisy's story. Noreena is also part of the Punmu Women's Ranger team. 

Photograph courtesy and copyright Tobias Titz.

Photo of Noreena Kadibil

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