Nora Nungabar

Nora Nungabar was born near Lipuru, also known as Well 37 on the Canning Stock Route, and remembers her mother looking after her in a hollow in the side of a sand hill. She grew up in the country that became Wells 33-38 on the Canning Stock Route.

As a young woman she travelled north with the drovers to Balgo where she settled and raised a family. She eventually relocated to her homelands at Kunawarritji but continues to travel regularly between Kunawarritji, Balgo and Mulan today. She paints for both Warlayirti and Martumili Artists, and many younger artists describe having learned to paint by watching her example. She is a custodian of a great deal of cultural knowledge about the Kunawarritji area, some of which is referred to in her paintings.

Photograph courtesy and copyright Tobias Titz.

Photo of Nora Nungabar

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