Ngamaru Bidu

Ngamaru was born at Matalirri on the Canning Stock Route, the eldest of four siblings. Her mother came from Wikiri and her father from Pitu. As children, they walked around, following water and tucker, including kangaroo and goanna. They saw government people for the first time near Wirnukurnu jurnu (a rockhole). Ngamaru, Mitchell and Teddy ran away from them as quickly as they could. The white men chased them everywhere but couldn't find them. Later, they stayed with Wokka Taylor and ate sugar, bananas and apples, which they didn't like. Two other Martu people and some whitefellas came in a Toyota, tracking them and chasing them. They ran away for a long time. Finally, at Yulpu, the whitefellas caught up with them and took them to Jigalong. Ngamaru covered herself with a blanket because she was frightened.

When they got to Jigalong, her sister and some of the Biljabu family were sent to school, but Ngamaru went to work making bread. She met her husband at Strelley and later moved to Warralong, Punmu and finally Parnngurr, where she lives now.

Ngamaru has four children and three grandchildren. She is also part of the Punmu Women's Ranger team. 


Photograph courtesy and copyright Tobias Titz.

Photo of Ngamaru Bidu

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