Muuki Taylor

Muuki was born in 1945 at Wayinkurungu. His family walked across the entire Great Sandy Desert, north to Joanna Springs and south to Parnngurr. He walked around Jalyi, near Telfer, with his mother, father and his siblings (including fellow painters Nola and Wokka Taylor). Muuki is a very senior and knowledgeable Martu man and is often called upon as an authority by other artists.

Muuki paints Kulyakartu country and the country all around Wirnpa, a major ceremonial meeting place in the north. His works are encyclopaedic, detailing all aspects of country from vanished roads to living water sources.

Muuki works as the Senior Cultural Advisor for KJ providing invaluable cultural advice and guidance. 

Photograph courtesy and copyright Tobias Titz.

Photo of Muuki Taylor

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