Muni Rita Simpson

Muni was born at Junpunkinja, close to Kurtarrara, around 1941. Muni’s mother was Mangala and her father was Manyjilyjarra. Muni often painted with her sisters, Rosie and Dulcie.

When Muni was young, her family walked their traditional country between the Percival Lakes and Kunawarritji. A severe drought in the 1950s made it difficult to live in the desert and the family moved southwest to Karlamilyi. During that time, Muni's family met up with other Martu who told them that their extended family members were in Jigalong. Muni's family decided they would go to live at Jigalong mission, where they arrived in 1957.

Muni and her sister Rosie married men who were brothers and who worked together as stockmen on several stations around Cue, Meekatharra, Mullewa and Mt Magnet. Muni and Rosie left the stations to yandy (mine with hand tools) for tin at Marble Bar and Bamboo Springs. At various times, they lived at Jigalong, Strelley and Camp 61. All the sisters moved back to their homelands in 1982 when they set up camp in Punmu. Muni lived in Punmu with her children and grandchildren until her death in 2008. 

Photo of Muni Rita Simpson

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