Mitutu Mabel Wakarta

Mabel was born in the 1920s at Yirajara, which is near Jurntu Jurntu (well 30 on the Canning Stock Route), and is currently the eldest working artist at Martumili Artists. Her parents were both Warnman people whose country encompassed Tarl, Nayijara and Jurntu Jurntu. Warnman country crosses the Canning Stock Route.

Mabel grew up in the pujiman (bush) way until, in a run of very bad seasons, her parents, her brother and her sister all passed away. Following that terrible time, Mabel and some other family members walked through Karlamilyi (Rudall River), Talawana and into Jigalong Mission. Mabel was an adult when she arrived at Jigalong and went to work cooking, washing and cleaning houses. She worked for many years on Roy Hill, Ethel Creek and Bonney Downs Stations as well as several stations to the south of Martu country.

Mabel was married to Wakarta but he passed away in Jigalong a long time ago.

Mabel paints her ngurra (home) and her warrarn (country) to teach the young so that they can learn to paint, too. When Mabel first started painting she was living in Irrungadji Community with Lily Long and Amy French. As such, the subject of many of her paintings is Irrungadji.

Photograph courtesy and copyright Tobias Titz.

Photo of Mitutu Mabel Wakarta

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