Kajapi Ida Taylor

Ida Taylor was born near Nyukuwarta in Mangala country to the north of the Martu homelands. With her family, she walked around the northern Great Sandy Desert and travelled west to Anna Plains station.

She lived in the desert until late childhood, when she moved into La Grange mission at Bidyadanga with her family. She went to school at La Grange and Broome before going to work on Anna Plains station.

Her second husband is fellow artist Mukki Taylor. The couple live in Parnngurr where they have raised three children, two of whom are also artists. Ida paints the country around Wirnpa, particularly Pirrinkarra, Japurlka, Wirrlkurlja, and Majamajajarntijarra yintas all of which are permanent water sources and personally significant places. 

Photo of Kajapi Ida Taylor

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