7 DAYS 10AM - 5PM 08 9432 9569

FOUND at FAC is a unique retail gallery. With an emphasis on quality wares made by Western Australian artists FOUND showcases the finest handmade objects, gifts and homewares. During We don’t need a map FOUND will stock an extensive range of Martu objects and products, including:

  • Baskets: woven from Pilbara grasses and wool
  • Carved wooden Martu objects: spears, piti (wooden bowls) and nulla nulla (hunting sticks)
  • Books and DVDs about the Martu and their history, such as the award-winning documentary Contact
  • Jewellery: anodised metal earrings, broaches, and necklaces featuring Martu designs
  • Postcards and prints: featuring original Martu artworks from the exhibition
  • T-shirts, tea towels and Headsox