Cannibal Story

Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment) is the dangerous heart of Martu country in the Western Desert, Western Australia – it is a place where cannibal beings live beneath the surface of the salt lake, a place where Martu fear to tread. Yunkurra Billy Atkins is the great animator of the dark narratives that score this country, and his beguiling paintings have intrigued and challenged art lovers for many years. Now new audiences are invited into the world of his art, his imagination and his country, as Yunkurra’s paintings are brought to life through a unique collaboration with award-winning animator Sohan Ariel Hayes. Cannibal Story gives sound and motion (and a touch of violence) to the beauty and danger of Yunkurra’s wondrous, original paintings.

Cannibal Story has been selected for the 2013 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Animation credits

Narration: Yunkurra Billy Atkins

Director: Sohan Ariel Hayes

Script Editor/Screen Writer: John Carty

Translation: Desmond Taylor

Animation: Sohan Ariel Hayes, Juan Zubiaga, Guy Pendergrast, Toby Smith-Tan, Michael Lightfoot

Storyboards: Michael Lightfoot

Sound design: Roly Skender

Producer: Erin Coates

Executive Producer: Gabrielle Sullivan

This is a co-production of Fremantle Arts Centre, City of Fremantle and Martumili Artists, Shire of East Pilbara

Supported by: Martu People Limited and BHP Billiton

Year: 2012

Language: Martu with English subtitles

Running time: 6:52 minutes

By Yunkurra Billy Atkins

Production still from Cannibal Story

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